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Nustay reveals the secrets of Denmark’s hotel booking habits


Glossy Instagram standstills on a sun-kissed beach with cheek-breaking smiles, polished sunglasses, and choreographed poses, might offer some insight into Danish travel habits. But to really sus out Danish travel preferences the world of hotel booking proves rather more illuminating.

I’ve taken a sneak peek into Nustay’s data analytics to discover when, where and how Danes book their hotels, and to my surprise have found a fair few stereotype-busting gems that are well worth sharing.

The ceaseless quest for those unconventional photo angles that overfill our Instagram feeds – think graffitied shutters or half-eaten exotic delicacies – have created an impression of stylish originality. Yet, originality amongst Danish travellers is, at least as far as destinations go, in shockingly short supply. Anna Carlquist, Nustay’s head of CRM tells me, “Danes are actually very conforming, preferring to stick to a handful of well-known destinations for their travels”.

Hotel booking, where?


Removing Copenhagen from the equation – which comfortably holds pole position for Danes’ hotel stays – it is London and Paris that reign supreme as destinations. The allure of chic cafés, romantic streets, and modern art is clearly strong among Danes; so much so that few are willing to defy the trend. In fact, even when travelling beyond the bounds of the European continent, Danes fail to break free from the gravity of just a few cities; with New York, Dubai and Las Vegas being the favourites here.

When they do, Danes continue to opt for ever popular Egyptian, Croatian and Thai beach resorts. Meaning that parents remain eager to find oases where they can deposit their children at kids clubs, slap on some sun cream, and kick up their feet by the poolside.

Curious too is the fact that there is little to distinguish between Denmark’s regions in terms of destination preferences. Where, although Copenhageners appear a tad bit more eager to travel further abroad, there is an uncanny cohesion across the land.

… how?


It is only when it comes to choosing hotels that the renowned Danish pursuit for the unconventional comes to the fore. Proximity to city centres and tourist sites are not prerequisites, with many-a-Danish traveller opting to stay in hotels that are off the beaten track. Similarly, established hotel chains are increasingly being shrugged off in favour of smaller, more local hotels. With that said, Danish folk have exacting standards, and are generally unwilling to compromise on quality. “Danes by and large stick to the upper end of the market and readily snap up good deals within the four and five star range”, Anna points out.

As we all know, romantic escapes abroad have long been a motive for packing our bags and setting off. Danes however have (so far) been reluctant to jump on board a growing international trend of spiced up romantic getaways at rather more raunchy hotels. Steamy all-night spas au naturel, sex toy welcome gifts, and risqué décor, are some of the sought after facilities for a fair few Nustay international customers.

and when?


More in keeping with their Viking roots, Danes are avant-garde bookers, steadily migrating from the desktop to on-the-go booking on mobile devices – Nustay is duly obliging with a swanky new mobile app due to be published imminently. It is little surprise to see therefore that spontaneity is on the up, with many Danes booking their travels ever closer to the trip date.

So to sum it up, Danes are uncharacteristically unoriginal in choosing destinations, adventurous with hotels – so long as there’s no let up on quality –, tech-savvy when booking, and inclined to leave a trip to the last minute. How do you reckon you compare to the Danish hotel booking norm?



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Words: Jeremy Sacramento