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Lockdown dismantling our travel dreams…

Country-wide lockdowns continue to take hold of our lives, dismantling every aspect of our daily routines, from work to shopping, to exercising and schooling (parents, I feel your pain). Lockdown has also dealt a hammer blow to our travel plans. It has mercilessly forced many of us to cancel or indefinitely postpone our travel arrangements.

But our data has painted an even grimmer picture… it appears that lockdown has stopped us dreaming.

COVID-19 and the measures imposed to stop it (which are crucial and must absolutely be adhered to) have seemingly sucked the urge to dream up our next big trip. It is those dreams which year-in-year-out give us the fuel to push through the hard times. Yes, those dreams, which are so often remarkably unrealistic, but in which we still bathe because, well, just maybe, they will become reality…

A glimmer of hope… dream big!

But from the ashes of disillusionment and hopelessness is arising a resistance.

Deprived travellers are fighting back by unleashing their dreams in defiance of COVID-19. Over the last couple of days our market data has shown an interesting, indeed drastic change in direction. Countries where lockdowns have been in place for weeks, and where travel searches had come to a complete standstill, have seen a sudden and significant increase in searches.

Keyboards, like battle drums, are sounding their charge with brave warriors once more filling travel destinations and “things to do” into their search engines.

France, the UK and Italy have all seen a recent uptick in searches for future bookings – with most placing their optimism on January 2021. Although this has been seen most notably in these three large European countries, it is the Italians who have shown the greatest “travel intent”, with an increase of approx. 102% in booking searches for January 2021 – compared to January 2020 searches made in March 2019.

Most other countries have not shown this change in spirit and continue to be robbed of their travel dreams by lockdown and travel bans. As a Danish travel company, we at Nustay abide by Denmark’s favourite son’s (H.C Andersen) belief that “to travel is to live”.

COVID-19 may be depriving us of this possibility for the time being, but we must not let it chip away at our travel dreams, which have become so integral to our lives today – not least in staving off stress.

So let’s take a page from our Italian cousins and keep on dreaming… that sun-kissed beach might be just around the corner.

Words: Jeremy Sacramento



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